Play Evolution Multiplayer !

Are you looking for a fresh, new multiplayer first-person shooter?

Look no further!

Evolution is a sci-fi FPS loaded with frantic action and lots of firepower.

You have multiple weapons at your disposal: combat knife, handgun, rocket launcher, and machine gun.

Get ready for INTENSE battles with other Evolution players!

~~~~~ Evolution FEATURES ~~~~~

• A variety of high-caliber weaponry

• A smooth fast paced gaming experience

• Intuitive controls

• Sci-fi enhanced maps

• Shoot-outs that will leave your heart POUNDING

• Enemies lurking, ready for a fight

• Dynamic touch controls, fine-tuned for FPS play

• Multiplayer chat

~~~~~ PERFECT FOR ~~~~~

• FPS players

• Quick thinkers

• Shoot 'em up fans

• Hardcore game lovers

• Players ready for fun

• Fighters who are ready for a challenge

A sure-fire classic shooting game with explosive gameplay and other players waiting for you to join the fun now!